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MoboPlay is one the best iOS Smartphone manager and Android Smartphone manager. It manages all your Smartphone’s apps, files, folders, media, music, movies and data in very best manner. It also gives you quick access to millions of apps and games free in just one click. Download any app or game within couple of minutes. Enjoy entertainment, productivity, communication, food, medical and much more categories in MoboPlay.

MoboPlay Review

Indeed! Managing the apps, files, folders, media and all other data on PC and desktop, is a tough job. It becomes tougher when you utilize your PC for your office purpose and create hundreds of files on daily basis.

Similarly when the question comes to arrange your tablet and Smartphone configuration, it is also not so simple. On other hand, we also to keep an eye on security of all the personal data avoiding it into wrong hands.

So both, security and interior configuration of PC; be managed at the same time.  But MoboPlay solved this issue and convert it into easiness.  Now forget your tablet and Smartphone. All the working and responsibility regarding interior configuration and security is of MoboPlay.


First of all, download MoboPlay on your computer, install and open. Check all settings and keep them default or you can custom the settings as you want. Once you set your options, let MoboPlay to manage all the updates and notifications.

It is more interesting that MoboPlay will also maintain the backup of your all data automatically. It is considered leading iOS Smartphone manager and Android Smartphone manager. After installation of MoboPlay, now, you didn’t need to swipe through an influx of notifications, but it will automatically keep you alert from all notifications. You will be able to get all notification at one place, instead at different places.

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This App is also a store, where you get access to millions of apps and games free. This all is available at one place MoboPlay store. The interface is user friendly, easy to use, very smooth working, provides quick access and efficiently working.

The Android Smartphone manager has an inbuilt media library where you all the multimedia content (audio i.e. music and video i.e. movies) is saved. Thus you get your all media files at one place, instead in different folders.

Key Features of MoboPlay

  • Inbuilt App Store where millions of apps and games available, free.
  • Keeps backups automatically.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices.
  • Transfers and sync files between PC and mobile.
  • Scans the device and free up memory space by removing useless data.
  • Inbuilt iOS Smartphone manager.
  • Inbuilt Android Smartphone manager.
  • Download apps and games free.

MoboPlay Specification

Name:                        MoboPlay for PC Suite

File Size:                    21.22MB

License:                      Free.

Publisher:                   MoboPlay

O.S:                            Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10

Price:                           Free

Languages:                 English, French, Japanese, Dutch, Chinese, German, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Norwegian, Portugese.

Free Download MoboPlay

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