Free Download Movavi Video Converter 18.3.1 Premium

Movavi Video converter 18.3.1 Premium is fully compact video converting software for different formats of videos. Offline installer is available here.

Movavi Video Converter 18.3.1 Premium Overview

We want to give you a video review and tutorial of the Movavi Video Converter. You can download a free trial of it by visiting the link on your screen or clicking, the link under this article. Very easy to use the software. You got some options up here at the top for the file. Edit converting playback settings you can choose some different languages here. There are two different theme options just changes the appearance of the software as well as some preferences some settings for your conversion and acceleration.

Adding a video is super simple you can just click the Add video link or you can drag the files and add them into here and I’ve already got a video made that I recorded this morning from YouTube. You can see super speed conversion is supported and what that means is that the most of all the video converter has several options of the basic formats that you use for video that accelerates the speed of converting it and it makes it super-fast and fast. We’ve used a lot of different videos converting tools in the past and this one by far exceeds the speed. As for converting video even in high quality.

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So over here you’re going to see the current video settings and then over here you’re going to see the output settings right now it’s set on custom 36 megabytes as an MP for the file type. Now all you have to do is come down to this box which says Convert to and click the arrow and you’re going to see all the options of the video format types you can convert to and if you don’t see the format here you can click on More presets for formats and is going to give you a lot of categories you can click on each one and it’ll give you a lot more options of different file types if you want to upload to YouTube or an online source you can click that and you can see all the options here for YouTube, Myspace Facebook, Vimeo and more.

Now if you’re wanting to save your video to watch it on a device maybe you have an Android device or some other type of tablet and you don’t know what type of file format you need to convert it to you can come down to click on the more presets for devices and it’s going to show you the different types of devices that are available that you can convert to play one and then you simply just click on one of those such as the Android and it will give you all the options right here that are available that can play this type of file on that device and you simply choose based on the resolution that you want it and that’s all there is to it.

Movavi Video Converter

Ultra slow high quality and what that means is that the conversion is going to be slower but the video is going to be higher quality and the opposite with ultrafast is just going to convert to video really fast. You’re going to have a low-quality video so we always keep this on ultra-slow high quality and really that’s all there is to it besides clicking convert here. You can watch the video here by pressing the play button. You can maximize the screen here. You know just a few other basic options but overall once you have these once you import your video and you choose the type you want to convert it to and where you want to save it.

So overall a really good tool to use an excellent video converter. It’s really fast. It’s very reliable we’ve used a lot of video converters in the past that they’re just not very reliable. They crash a lot. They freeze a lot slower conversion and move Movavi seems to have worked out all those bugs in their tool and it works very efficiently so you can download the trial of it. You can view more articles on our site.

Movavi Video Converter 18.3.1 Premium Features

  • Video audio and graphics designing.
  • Completion of projects quickly with Movavi video converter.
  • All type of format conversion available.
  • Extraction of audio format from videos.
  • Light on CPU usage and doesn’t hang.


Movavi Video Converter 18.3.1 Premium Specification

  • Name Movavi Video converter.
  • Setup size 77.5 Mb
  • Type Offline type
  • Designer Movavi
  • Compatibility 64 bit
  • Update June 2018
  • Processor 1.5 GHz
  • RAM 1GB

Movavi Video Converter 18.3.1 Premium Free Download

Movavi video converter 18.3.1 can be downloaded from our site.

Movavi Video Converter 18.3.1 Premium

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