Free Download .Net Framework 4.7.2

.Net Framework Review

The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s complete as well as reliable programming product for formulation of applications that have visually eye-catching user experiences, faultless and safe and sound communication, and the aptitude to model a variety of business processes.

The instant updated version is also fully compatible for the applications which are based on earlier edition of Framework.

.Net Framework 4.7.2 comes with numerous improvements. The performance upgraded / improved by upgrading the background garbage collection as well as healthier multicore support. Similarly debugging process improved by means of improving Watson mini dumps, dump debugging and mixed mode debugging for 64 bit and other code indentures.

.Net Framework comes with advancements in the C# languages and Visual Basics. For instance you can observe dynamic dispatch, statement lambdas, optional parameters and implicit line continuations.

Download Free .Net Framework

The Entity Framework has a lot of new functions in the instant version of .NET Framework. POCO support, new LINQ operators, lazy loading, persistence ignorance, functions in model and test-driven development supports are included in these new functions and features of Entity Framework.

Similarly ADO.NET data services also upgraded with numerous new features including Feed Customization, Data Binding, BLOB Support and Row Count Etc. Furthermore MS Office 2010 made it possible to rendering MS Office SharePoint Server data seeing that data service as well as admittance that data using the ADO.NET Data Services client library.

.Net Framework 4.7.2, moreover, provides the following new features, functions and improvements.

.Net Framework Features

  • Enrichment to ASP.NET.
  • WPF Improved.
  • Surface 2.0 SDK support added.
  • Performance and scalability enhanced.
  • New line-of-business controls added.
  • Web forms support for new AJAX library enrichments.
  • Windows 7 support added.
  • Activity programming model improved.
  • Designer experience enhanced.
  • New flowchart modeling style included.
  • New message correlation feature added.
  • Windows Communication Foundation improved.
  • Multi new features added in WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) like upgraded performance, diagnostics, routing service, Rest support and service discovery etc.
  • A lot of new parallel-programming features added including coordination data structure, TPL (Task Parallel Library), loop support and parallel PLINQ etc.
  • Text clarity improved.
  • Layout pixel snapping enhanced.
  • Visual improvements in localization and interoperability.

After bundles of addition of new improvements, features and functions, who would not like to download and install .Net Framework 4. It is free for lifetime. Due to fair of length of article, I couldn’t mention here many other features. However, on the basis of entire study and deep analysis of .Net Framework (instant version 4.7.2) I strongly recommend for all web developers and programmers to download and use it. It not only will bring new dynamic level in your work but also will save a lot of time.

.Net Framework Specification

Name:                   .Net Framework 4.7.2

File Size:              68.3MB

License:                Free.

Publisher:             Microsoft

O.S:                      Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Price:                    Free

Languages: English.

Download Free .Net Framework

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Download Free .Net Framework

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