Pangu IOS Jailbreak is a mobile application, compatible only with Apple products and Apple TV, used to jailbreak the Apple products.

Pangu IOS Jailbreak is developed and designed by Pangu team. To download the Pangu IOS Jailbreak on your iPhone, click on the “download” button given at the end of this page/article.

In-Depth Review of Pangu IOS Jailbreak

First of all, many of you (reading about “Jailbreak” first time) would like to know the meanings of “jailbreak”. Here it doesn’t mean “escape from jail”. No!

When we use word “jailbreak” with relevance to Smartphones, it means software developed by Pangu team and it is only compatible with Apple products. Pangu is a Chinese word which comes from “Pan Gu”.

When Apple launched it any product especially iPhone, it imposes some or many restrictions on its usage. They impose these restrictions for the purpose of security of the user’s personal data. However, users can’t install any software or program from any unauthorized source nor could he enjoy many other apps due to these restrictions.


“Jailbreak is the modification process of Smartphone or other electronic devices to remove all the restrictions imposed by the operator or manufacturer.”

After this Jailbreak process, the user can fully operate the Smartphone as well as download, install or run any app, software program from any source either authorized or unauthorized.

Pangu IOS Jailbreak permits the user to Jailbreak their Smartphones and other IOS devices. It has a user-friendly graphical user interface. The user can easily run this app and Jailbreak their iPhone for download any software from unauthorized source.

Another interesting point is that, after installation of Pangu Jailbreak, the user has full control on the usage of the device. If users want to disable the jailbreak functionality, it can disable it anytime and whenever he would like to enable it, he could enable it. This user has full control to disable or enable the Jailbreak functionality.

Pangu IOS Jailbreak is supportive to iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro, iPod Touch 6G, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

From the Pangu team, the manufacturer of Jailbreak advised for Jailbreak users that start using our tool, make a full backup of your IOS.

Free Download IObit MacBooster

Key Features of Pangu Jailbreak

  • Jail breaking of your Smartphone will open all the ways to change the layout of your device as you want.
  • Provides you complete control on your device.
  • You can customize your device.
  • Enhances the lock screen.
  • Message on steroids.
  • Extend control options.
  • Lock any folder or app with touch ID.
  • File manager.
  • Reduces eye strain.
  • Change system font.
  • Cool animations open.
  • Searchable handwriting and documents scanning.
  • No side effects.
  • Safe and secure for your device.

Pangu IOS Jailbreak Specification

Name:         Pangu IOS Jailbreak

Size:            21.18 MB

License:       Freeware.

Language:   Multi Languages.

Price:           Free

Pangu IOS Jailbreak System Requirements

O.S:             All windows supported (64-bit) and Smartphone O.S.

Memory:      128 MB

Hard Disk:    100 MB free space.

Free Download Pangu IOS Jailbreak

Click on the following “download” button to free download latest version of Pangu IOS Jailbreak on your Smartphone. If you find it useful and constructive, share it with your friends.


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