How to Clear Cache Android

What is Cache Data

In every Android phone, there exists an application manager which is varying a little by smartphones. Usually you can get it in the setting menu, after that you can watch through every application that you have installed on your Android device and you can get ride easily from unnecessary applications by cleaning them at this handy place. When you make use of any Android application, the procedure of storing files of that application is started for reference later.

These files of used application are stored in “cache” and make use of those files quickly without downloading them in later exercise of same app by saving your time and data usage. You can easily understand the example of “cache data”. Let’s assume that when you go to any place at first time, the rout of that place is stored in your brain and you can get that place easily by saving your time because you have already know that rout and address of that place.

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Similarly when a smartphone or device accesses any site or an application, their certain data is stored in cache and next time when you visit the same website or make use of same app, the device easily accesses it because the cache data was stored at first time use of that site or app.

How To Clear Cached Data On Android

There are different ways to delete cached data from your Android device.

  • By Using Device Setting On Your Device

    You can clear all cached data by using the Settings, get your setting app and tap on the option of Storage&Memory, then you can get the amount of memory occupied by apps on your smart device. Then tap on Cache Data. A pop up will appear to confirm to delete cached data, if you tap on OK the data of your cache will be deleted.

How to Clear Cache Android


How to Clear Cache Android


  • Clearing Cached Data Per Application

    If you don’t want to delete all cached data, then there is an option to delete cache data of apps one by one. For that purpose go to Settings and tap on Apps, select your desired app to delete that’s cache data on the App Info and then tap on Storage. You can delete cache data by tapping the Clear

How to Clear Cache Android

How to Clear Cache Android

  • By Using Third-party Application 

    There are many other cleaner apps are available now that are used to clear cached data and help you to get ride from junk and unnecessary files. These cleaner applications are presented on play store, by accessing them you can remove ad junks and unused APK’s and so many other advantages of using them.

  • By Clearing Cache From Recovery

    The noticeable thing in this procedure is that you can also damage your device in this advanced method and you don’t claim to anyone for that. It is very rarely recommended but If smart device has become very slow and there are many abnormalities in that’s system’s performance after getting some basic knowledge of the procedure of your particular smart device you can clear system cache partition from the bootloader.

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