How to Install Apple Watch

Install Apple Watch

You’ve successfully purchase apple watch. Congratulation! Next step is how to set up your Apple Watch?

In the following article, you’ll get step by step and to the point guide on this topic.

Install Apple Watch


  • Charge Apple Watch

After un-packing the box of apple watch, to install apple watch plug the apple watch to complete its charging. When you will un-box the watch, some battery life you will observe, but generally it is considered a good practice to fully charge any electronic device before you start its usage.

Install Apple Watch

So plug your wrist apple watch to fully charge. In the meanwhile enjoy a drink or read the instructions given on the paper placed inside the box.

  • Turn On Apple Watch

Un-plug the charger of Apple watch after the charging completed and put down your apple watch on a flat surface to make it sync with your iPhone. Press the side button of watch to turn on it.

  • Choose a Language

After turning on your Apple watch, you’ll be asked to set / choose a language. So select a language that you understand easily. The default language is English.

  • Pair Apple Watch and iPhone together

You’ll see the screen asking you to open apple watch app on your iPhone. The apple watch app on iPhone is pre-installed on your iPhone by Apple. When you opened the app, you’ll see blue bubble of undulating dots. In the meanwhile iPhone will open up camera and ask you to center the viewfinder on watch. Thus two devices paired with each other.

Install Apple Watch

If you see that through camera, devices couldn’t paired, then tap the “I” button on Watch and six digit code will appear on your watch screen, enter that digit on iPhone and your devices will paired together.

  • Choose Wrist Preferences

Now choose wrist preferences, right or left. You can choose any wrist; there will be no effect on Apple watch functions. Apple watch works equally on both wrists. So choose anyone.

  • Accept Terms of References

Next, you will see terms and references on your screen, and obviously you’ll accept those TORs, without reading in full, as usually.

  • Register Apple Watch

Now, you’ve to register your Apple Watch using your Apple ID. When your registration will be completed, you will get bunch of notices for different functions like set locations on your watch, services, diagnostics and Siri etc. It is same as you turn on your Android Phone and connect it with GPRS for locations, set the time and date and choose the single SIM or dual etc.

  • Make Your Apple Watch Secure with Pass code

The Last step of install Apple Watch is to set up a Passcode to secure it. You’ll be asked to enter a numeric Passcode.

When you’ll enter the Passcode, it will ask you “would you like to unlock your apple watch on your iPhone”, click on “Yes”. When you say “yes”, it means that your watch remain unlock unless it is on your wrist. When you take it off from your wrist, it will ask you to enter Passcode to lock it. When you’ll again wear it on your wrist, unlock your phone, it will automatically unlock.

Install Apple Watch

It is pertinent to mention that when default Passcode consists on only 4 digits, but choosing “add a long Passcode”, you can enter 10 digits numeric Passcode which is harder to bypass for a stranger.

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