How To Kill Dragons In Dragon Age

Gaming has been a favorite part time activity of several people all over the world. Favorite game of the people vary from person to person and age wise as well. Some are fond of racing games, others find thrill in fighting and some are fond of strategy based games. Racing games are in fact quite simple, you just have to race and win no matter what. Real thrill steps in when you are playing fighting and strategy based games. These games have not only provided people entertainment based on several hours but have also improved the strategy building skill in them.

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of those games which have improved the strategy building of the players a lot. As the name indicates, it is about the people and the dragons. In the game, you won’t be collecting gear, killing enemies and completing the given quest, but you will also be required to slay the dragons. While completing your tasks in the game, you will also be facing many flying lizards and killing them will earn you rewards. The game in an excellent RPG which has an open world, several quests, a lot of drama and fantastic characters as well.

There are a total of 10 dragons which need to be killed from the world of Thedas. There are frost throwing monsters and electrically charged dragons as well. Some dragons stay hidden while the rest stay in the open. The player is required to explore the world of Thedas to find them and then slay them. To play the game efficiently, you are required to know about the details of the game first. For that matter, Dragon Age Inquisition Strategy Guide has been created to guide you about the positions of the dragons and the methods to kill them. To kill a dragon, it is much more important that a player packs better armor and potions, instead doing some research about the dragon is far more important. Every dragon in the game has separate weaknesses and strengths and cannot be killed by the same method which you used to kill another dragon.

If you don’t know much about the dragon which you are going to fight, you will die in just a minute after the fight has started. The basic rules of the game remain the same. To beat cold, use hot; to beat hot, use cold; and to beat electricity, use spirit. Choose the gear which has the correct and required resistance factor and weapons. Usage of correct weapon will ensure that you are hurting the dragon and not only scratching its scales. The manufacturer also introduced a feature which was allowing the player to send all of its party to attack a single limb of the animal. This can cripple it and it will become easier for you to kill a crippled dragon. The Dragon Age Inquisition walkthrough will teach you all the steps and information which you need to do to conquer the game and kill the dragons.

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