promote affiliate marketing products without website

How to promote Affiliate Products without Website.

Today I will teach you how you can do affiliate marketing without a website. In particular, I must have taught you how to promote clickbank, jvzoo and Amazon Product Even if you don’t have website, you can promote the product to earn commission. If you want to learn affiliate marketing, keep reading this article. If this article is too long, you can save this article and you can read this article in your spare time.

But don’t miss this article in any case because today I will share my personal method with you guys.

Why am I doing all this? Why am I sharing this method with you people?

Few years ago I was complete beginner when I started my Affiliate marketing journey and I face many difficulties for many time and I don’t want you to waste the time on following things which I wasted.

Like which affiliate network is best to join for initial Earning and how to choose product. How to promote the product even if you are not a website owner.

Without wasting time let’s jump into it.


Choosing Right affiliate Network to Promote Product


There are bunches of Affiliate Network but I will discuss which I personally prefer to use.  I use Top 3 best affiliate network will discuss below one by one.


Top 3 Affiliate Network which I use.


ClickBank is one of the best Affiliate network which I use the reason why bring into the top of high commission which give around 50% to 70% commission per sale. It is easy to sign up and approve the account without any difficulties. There are bunches of product almost from every categories you like.



Jvzoo is another best network which is similar to Clickbank. It is also easy to sign up and approve your account .there are thousands of product to promote and earn money. It give 50% to 70% commission per sale . You have to approve product from owner to promote.



Maxbounty is most powerful affiliate network it is not easy to approve your account but not impossible there are some basic step to follow for account approval. It is also a CPA network as well as affiliate network which allow you to promote thousands product from different categories.



How to select profitable products from Jvzoo, Maxbounty and Clickbank?

The most hesitate things while you are beginner is that what product is best to promote because this is most critical that depend on your coming affiliate journey. If you choose niche that is not good will may waste your time and money as well so be careful while you select niche in affiliate network. You might thing then how to find best niche or products.

Method 1: Choose a Niche that you have interest in that niche because it will not make you bored in affiliate marketing and make you energetic.

Method 2:  choose a niche that is easy for you to promote like if you have integral account about fitness and you have thousands of fan and follower so in that case it is your Benefit to select niche that your fan loves.


Method 3: if you want to promote product on social media there are different social media platform with high users of specific Niche they like. In case you have planned to promote products on Instagram so most of the Niche that is convertible on instagram is fashion, Health, fitness. If you have channel on YouTube and want to promote it also is about digital products, electronic and much more.


How to Promote Affiliate products without any website?

Let’s discuss for what you are waiting for that how to promote affiliate products like jvzoo, Amazon, clickbank I will share 3 best method that you can promote products without any website.


YouTube: today YouTube is great video platform that receive have million users every days. You may thinking we also know about this but you have the problem to create video am I right?

You fear how to face camera and speak about any products. Here I will help how you can create YouTube video without showing face. Create a doodle video there are bunches of software that you can create doodle and animation video to review you affiliate product.

When someone buy the product before they check the product and check review on YouTube. Create a video paste the affiliate link in the description and mention in video to buy the product from description link if interest they buy from your link get commission.

Facebook: Facebook is most top social media app which have million users. How to promote products on Facebook this little secrete that I will reveal now. There are hundreds Facebook groups which have millions users find the group according to your niche which you promote short the url and write few attractive sentence about product use emoji which will engage more people if you post daily and daily 1k people click on your affiliate links and you go minimum 10 sales. You can easily earn 100$ per day from Facebook.


 Instagram Account: instagram is growing day by day and the great point is that instagram have users from all development countries like, USA, UK and Eurape etc. I will suggest you to create account according to your niche the most popular niche on instagram is Fitness, Health, pets, Fashion.

How to get followers on instagram account? It is looks very difficult to get followers on instagram but not impossible I share the tips how to get more followers on instagram .

Create account on specific niche do posts daily if you don’t have time to posts daily you can you use instagram automation tools which will post automatic once you posts daily you will get followers but make sure to posts on about your niche not out of niche bring positive results. Once to get thousands of followers then it is easy to get sales and earn money from specific niche.

increase instagram follower


How to Promote Affiliate Products on different Ads Platform to make rapid money?


If you want to rapid success in affiliate Network you have to invest money which give you boost. How to invest? you have to invest money by running different ads network most popular ads network for affiliate network is Facebook ads and Google ad word which is also allow to promote product on YouTube. It is also need some skill to promote best product to make sell and earn smart commission.

It may seem little risky for newbie and off course it is. You have to do proper keywords research for it.

What you need to promote products?

You cannot just copy the link and promote in Google ad word or fb ads you have to create funnel or landing page. What is landing page the page from where buyer will walkthrough to affiliate network to buy product.

How to find keyword for ads the best keyword brings you bunches of sales so keep in mind to find relevant and best keywords according to products for Google adword. Which country you should target the biggest Ecommerce market in the world is US which is key point to target US, UK countries.

How to find best keyword? You can use free keywords tools like Ubersuggest and Google suggest which give you an idea of best keyword which is search most for specific country.Select age above 30 that is my personal experience that make sales.




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