How to Reset Password from Hp laptop

There are many people who are currently using the HP laptops because of the reason that it provides the people with great security measures. Not only this, now the upcoming models are also being provided with finger touch password and screen automatic locks if not turn down the lid. With these HP laptops also provides its users with some secure and strong password that will help you in protecting your computer from any type of unauthorized access.

It is great to have these security measures in your laptops. Many times, people use the high tough password and have the habit of changing on a regular basis.  Then, once in a while there are possibilities that the user may forget the Password from Hp laptop. Then, it will be very finicky and finicky moment in such a situation either you have to reinstall it from the service center that will remove everything completely. So, to avoid all this and keeping your files safe here are some methods that will help you to reset the password from HP laptop.

Method 1- Reset the password using HP Recovery Manager

  • Off the power of your laptop and then wait for a while and turn it on again.
  • Press the key F11 on your keyboard and then select the HP recovery manager and wait for a moment till the program is loaded.

How to Reset Password from Hp laptop

  • Choose system recovery and continue with the program.
  • Wait for some time and install the necessary things that will help you in removing the password from the laptop.
  • Then you can easily restart the HP laptop password. Once this is finished you won’t require change the password to access your laptop.

Method 2Reset the password for HP laptop With iSeepassword

Step 1 # Run this Password reset Program and then insert CD or USB into the computer

How to Reset Password from Hp laptop

Step 2 # State the burning device and then let it burn the ISO files by clicking to the option burn.

How to Reset Password from Hp laptop

Step 3 # After the burning process is completed take the disk out and then insert the password locked HP laptop. enter your BIOS Settings to change the USB drive to the first boot sequence. Then boot the device from it .

How to Reset Password from Hp laptop

Step 4 # Then go to password reset interface and can select the account for which you want to reset the password.

How to Reset Password from Hp laptop

Method 3: Reset HP Laptop Password with ONTP & RE

  • ONTP&RE (Offline NT Password & Registry Editor password cracker )Firstly, visit the NT password registry website and download the file that requires only 18 MB of space.
  • Extract ISO file from the downloaded zip file with the help of extraction tool available in the window or else use free file extraction such as the 7-zip program.
  • Now burn the ISO image after being extracted to USB device or a CD. Burning ISO file is unlike normal burning of file.
  • Boot the computer after the disc is created successfully and if you are using a USB device the same procedure goes with it.
  • Once the password is being reset, remove the USB device or disc.
  • Now, reset your computer and log in and create new password disk that ensures that you need not to use the program again and again.

How to Reset Password from Hp laptop


So, these are some methods through which one can easily reset forget the Password from Hp laptop. Our software provides you with one of the easiest way reset passwords without much also support other laptops , like the Dell,Sony,Lenovo ,Asus, Toshiba and Samsung laptop, ect .

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