Knock Lock Screen For Android Users

All the latest Android devices are loaded with full advanced features and techniques. But still when you are using the same thing again and again, you will get bored of it and it is natural. Knock Lock Screen is the best app which will grab your attention easily. It is the original and smart technique for your Smart Phones. This tool will make the prowlers puzzled. 

Knock Lock Screen is an innovative app which can fulfill your needs and demands. You will be tension free when you install this app and apply it on your Android devices. It has an invisible lock system. Tap Knock Knock on the screen and your device will be unlocked. Surprised? You must be!

Knock Lock Screen

It has an invisible pattern lock system which gives you a chance to unlock your devices without revealing the password. This app not only allows you to lock your screens but it also has customized date and time formats and remarkable HD wallpapers. Nobody can access your device excepts you, because unlocking path is not visible to anyone. Your device will be safe and secure with this Amazing app.

 You will enjoy the most advanced features with this app, such as;

  • It is an entirely free app.
  • It has the most wonderful graphics.
  • It is user-friendly.
  • This app puts a stop to unauthorized access or forced unlocking.
  • Pathway of unlocking pattern is hidden.
  • Also prevents from unintentional calls/dialing numbers.
  • Never allows anyone to access your device.

Knock Lock Screen is the most useful app and it has more than 5,000,000 installs. Breakout Games is the main developer of this app and file size of this app is 4.8M. It is free but requires Android 4.0 and up for best performance. 

Technology is changing day by day and you will experience the modifications every second. Try to update yourself and your devices to enjoy full features of any app or software.

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