Latest Sims 4 Mods and Complete Guide to install the Mods

The Sims 4 Mods bring you lots of additional fun. With modifications, you can specifically intervene in the gameplay and make the Sims to your liking. The Sims 4 has missed at least 89 features as compared to The Sims 3. Although the Modder scene has not yet implemented, many other improvements are done. An overview of the best Sims 4 Mods put together here for you. First, we look at the mods and briefly introduce some of the best.

Installation guide sims 4

No Intro Mod

The name is program – the modification removes the intro video from EA and Maxis.

Body Hair V3

For those who like their Sims hairy, the Body Hair-Mod has the right body hair v3 modification.

No Blur In The Distance (DoF) Mod

This mod removes blur caused by looking at longer distances or reduces it to half, depending on what you prefer.

Indoor Lights Brighter Mod

 Here too, the name is program – with the mod, the artificial lighting in rooms can be increased.

Time Speed Changer

Make the game Clock Run Slower: Modder IceM annoys too fast passing Sims day. Therefore, he has screwed a bit on the music box, so that the day is slower.

Sims 4 Mods Complete Guide to Install

No Highlight Mod

 Remove White Outlines from Sims: The mod removes the white outline of a character or object in the mouse hover.

Stand Still in CAS

If the Sims bob around too much in Create-a-Sim mode then they can force them to shut up with this mod.


Download SIMS 4 Latest Version With All DLC’s

Sims 4 Mods “Go to School” – to accompany children to school

In the Sims 4,  you can not only send children and teenagers to school but actively accompany them. This works in a similar way to the police, doctor and scientist career in “to work”. However, a prerequisite is that you own this add-on.

To do this, you must download the free mod pack. Once you have installed and set up the mod, you can accompany your Sims children to school. There you will meet other children and make contacts. So far, there are no teachers or other adults in the modified school.

Sims 4 Mods Installation

Sims 4 Mods Remove censorship and Pixilation

This mod is one of the most popular and removes the censorship or pixilation of the Sims Intimate Zones.

Complete Step by Step Guide Guide to install Sims 4 Mods 

  • If you have downloaded a modification from the internet and saved it on your computer, you must install it.
  • First, check if the mod files with the extension “.package” are in a directory. If so, unpack the directory using a packager like WinRAR or WinZip for data compression.
  • First go to the folder “C: \ Users \ [your username] \ My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 4 \ Mods”. The term “[your username]” is a variable that varies from user to user.
  • Create a folder there with a suitable name for the modification and insert the “.package” file into it.
  • Start in a final step Sims 4 and navigate in the game options on the tab “More” to “Show Mods”. Here you can see all available mods and activate them with a tick in the next checkbox.
  • Note that you must restart the game as soon as you have activated or deactivated a new mod in order to make the changes effective.
  • With the mods, you manipulate the functions of Sims 4 as you like, without damaging your score or the game file.

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