Microsoft Releases Commercial Preview Office 2019

Microsoft is a foremost universal purveyor of computer hardware, computer software, cloud services, mobiles and gaming system and much more, relevant to hardware and software.

It’s a technology corporation that considered a hub and center on the growth, development as well as execution of software used in computers and on the internet world wide.

Microsoft Windows is the most successful product which is operating system used worldwide. After it, MS Offices is the leading Office Product across the globe, updated from time to time with many additional features and user friendly environment.

What’s in New Microsoft Commercial Preview Office 2019

Now Microsoft is going to release the preview of Office 2019 for the businesses. This new preview encloses new version of basic Office product like MS Excel, MC PowerPoint, MS Outlook and MS Word.


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According the official press release from the house of Microsoft says that incoming new Office 2019 has the capability to manage numerous Office products at once. It will come with the ability to overcome and administer the Vector Graphics, funnel charts, icons, office 365 images in PowerPoint and chic black theme for MS Word.

Client Apps in Office 2019

Furthermore Office 2019 Commercial Preview includes MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Access, MS Word and MS Publishers.

Server Apps in Office 2019

Previews for the Servers in Office 2019 include Project Server, Skype for Business Servers, SharePoint and Exchange. All these will be launched over next few months.

Cloud First

Microsoft has also announced in its press release that PC version of New Office 2019 will be exclusively for Windows 10 while Mac version is still in built-in process. However Desktop version is only applicable if you are using Windows 10.

Microsoft once again determined to provide standard and high quality products for its customers and keep this practice continues in future. They believes in by 2022, Cloud services will the first preference of every computer user to secure his business and websites.

Microsoft says in Press Release “As standard practice, Microsoft will continue evaluating customer needs and industry trends to determine a plan for future versions of our products and services.”

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Microsoft Commercial Preview Office 2019 Security Features

From security point of view, it is not better than Office 365 and Office 2016. Although Office 2019 encloses such security measures which are enough for any level of computer user.

Office 2019 is coming with latest Window Information Protection (WIP) security system. However if you want a strong security system for your computer and online business, you can move for Office 365 and Office 2016.

Microsoft Commercial Preview Office 2019

New if Office Desktop Apps in Microsoft Commercial Preview Office 2019

Office 2019 have new and additional features in office desktop apps as compared to previous MS office versions.

MS Excel featured with 2D maps, funnel charts, PowerQuery and PowerPivot enhancements, capable to publish from Excel to PowerBI and newly added functions and connectors.

Microsoft Outlook featured with focused inbox, @mentions, travel package cards, updated contact cards and office 365 groups.

MS Word featured with Text-to-Speech function, Office sounds, audio subscription, tools for captions and black theme.

Microsoft Commercial Preview Office 2019

MS PowerPoint featured with enlarge zoom skills, capable to administer SVG, 3D images and icons, use roaming pencils to move objects by moving pen and facilitate the user to create more effective content.


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System Requirements for Microsoft Commercial Preview Office 2019

  • Windows 10 semi-annual channel.
  • The next LTSC release of Windows Server.
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Long-Term Servicing Channel 2018.
When Microsoft Office 2019 will be released?

Microsoft is going to launch Office 2019 in 2nd half of 2018. It means MS Office 2019 will be available after August 2018 for general use.

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