PDF-XChange Editor Plus + Portable Download

PDF-XChange Editor Plus + Portable is used for the editor of Pdf images and thumbnail. Offline standalone setup is available from our site.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus + Portable Overview

Today we’re going to do a quick run through of PDF-XChange editor. It’s the program we recommend for agents who are using a PC. We highly recommend you get the pro version it’s just over 40 dollars. Well worth the investment but we are going to show you some of the things that you can do let’s say for instance we need to change the price so we’ve got my strikeout tool and we can highlight just the price we want to strike out if you’d like to put in a new price. So simple things like that very straightforward. You can see the other shapes available up here including arrows which can very helpful. Now the other thing that you can do is extract agents.

So for instance, if I wanted to have this page in a new document and we could go to extract pages and get this little pop-up screen into the current page and it’ll open in a new document and we’ve got a second tab with just this page on it. It’s still in the original PDF deleting pages from the original PDF is one of the crew features.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus + Portable

Actually, if you right click on any of these thumbnail images you can see some of the Pro Image pro options down here including two pages crop pages resized pages now moving pages around is very easy. We just drag and drop and now they’re in a new order in drag and drop back and they go back a rigid order if you get a PDF that’s sideways very calm and you can change your view with these buttons up here to make it easier to read. However, it won’t permanently change the rotation to permanently change the rotation you would need to go here. And that is also a pro option only. But you can do that in pro. The final option that you have in pro that we think makes the whole program work worth it is the ability to insert pages being able to merge PDF so that when people send you multiple documents and multiple files you can turn it all into one clean document. So it’s another option you have with the pro version if you have any questions like we said PDF exchange editor is just over 40 dollars. We think it’s a good investment for anyone on a PC to have a good PDF editor in order to be paperless in their business. Let us know if you need any help. That’s PDF exchange editor. Thanks.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus + Portable Features

  • Awesome application for converting Pdf images and thumbnails.
  • A wide variety of file formats are available in Pdf Xchange editor.
  • OCR component is available used for readable text.
  • Can take a screenshot of the picture which can be saved in your system.
  • Page display is seen for a comfortable

PDF-XChange Editor Plus + Portable Specification

  • Name PDF XChange Editor Plus Portable
  • Setup size 81.2 Mb
  • Offline type
  • Compatibility 32/64 bit
  • Developers Homemade
  • OS Windows7 to 10
  • RAM 1GB
  • Processor Intel 4

PDF-XChange Editor Plus + Portable Download

PDF XChange Editor can be downloaded from this site.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus

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