Pokemon Uranium Download

Pokemon Uranium is a fun-loving adventure game played by millions of fans. Download game from this site.

Pokemon Uranium Review

So often you get some heroes in our community who put gaming above their personal interest. There are the mod creators and random in-game content editors that shift the genres of their games beyond anything that the original game creators ever expected.

Download Pokemon Uranium Free
Download Pokemon Uranium Free

Today we’rehonouring a game that was made by some of our personal heroes Pokemon Uranium almost everyone has played Pokemon at some point in their lives. Each one of them has things that they love and hate about the game. Pokemon Uranium has its own layout and its own gym structure. The graphics are somewhere in between the original graphics and today’s graphics kind of feels better than the older versions and also seems a bit better than the current versions.

As some of the older graphical elements that have been done away within the current versions. The gameplay is decent and progresses at a rapid pace. The beginner battles are a little harder than what you’d come to expect from Pokemon games. Pokémon is also more fun as you often caught by surprise at how interesting the unique types of Pokemon are in this game and collecting the gym badges is also a little bit more rewarding as the battles are quite a bit more difficult than the originals.

Download Pokemon Uranium
Download Pokemon Uranium

At the same level, the story of Pokemon uranium is also a tad bit more real. You somehow feel more involved in the plot of the region. For the few of you who don’t know by now,Pokemon uranium is a free fan-madePokemon game that has recently been released on PC. We’ve got a lot to say about it. First of all, this game took 9 years to make. It’s like the definition of a labour of love. It has a 100% fully fleshed out Pokemon campaign and 150 custom Pokemon created by the developer. It is fantastic, it feels just like a Pokemon game and feels really like that you often forget that it’s not an official game in the series. Pokemon Uranium recaptures the magic you felt when you will first play them has been amazing. The original music is jamming to anyone who is even slightly a Pokemon fan.

We have to recommend to find the download link get this game and give it a try for yourself and if you can go in as blind as possible not knowing any of the Pokemon before him and let them all surprise and shock you. It is so much fun and you will not regret it.

Pokemon Uranium Download
Pokemon Uranium Download

Pokemon was created purely out of admiration for what the Pokemon company’s been doing for the past 20 years or so and released for free. That in no way takes away sales from the official games and if anything it stirs up buzz and gets people who’ve moved away from the series back into the games. So we’ll just leave you now with a recommendation find and download Pokemon Uranium show these developers that we love what they have done they spent nine years of their lives making something for us to enjoy so go enjoy it and if you want to watch my playthrough Pokemon uranium click the annotation now

Pokemon Uranium Features

  • Pokemon trainer test is the new feature added in Pokemon Uranium in which you can test your character.
  • Tons of new moves are introduced in the game and that adds more fun in the game.
  • Pokemon speech translator is introduced with striking features and innovations.
  • Numerous side quests are added in the game at various levels.
  • Randomizer mode is added in the game and that makes Pokemon Uranium a different game.
  • Pokemon Uranium is way better than the old version because of improved mechanics and graphics.

Pokemon Uranium Specifications

Operating System                 Windows XP, Vista,7/ Mac OS X 10.62

Processor                                Intel Core2Duo

RAM                                        2GB

HDD Space                             2GB

Direct X                                  9.0c

Graphics Card RAM             128MB

Graphics card                       NVidia GeForce 6200

Internet Connection           Mandatory

Release date                      April 2016

Pokemon Uranium Download

Pokemon Uranium can be downloaded from our site. This game is free absolutely and without any crack.

Pokemon Uranium
Pokemon Uranium
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