Download ReFX Nexus 2.2

Download ReFX Nexus version 2.2 free setup for windows. This version 2.2 is the latest version of ReFX Nexus which is perfect for power patch quality system.

ReFX Nexus version 2.2 review

This tool is developed by ReFX. ReFX Nexus version 2.2, a flexible high-quality instrument with a comprehensive sound library, a powerful patch management system, and a streamlined interface that makes it easy to customize sounds to taste in a matter of seconds.

Nexus2 is the kind of instrument that user go to when you don’t want to spend time programming – it’s a ROMpler rammed full of inspirational, pro-quality sounds.ReFX Nexus version 2.2  has  brought many improvements, such as a new distortion effect, a polyphonic/chord arpeggiator mode with strum option, an internal limiter, and lock modes, so that sections retained settings when switching presets.

ReFX Nexus version 2.2

ReFX claims that version 2 packs in more than 70 brand new features and refinements. Computer musicians are quick to knock Nexus, and while it isn’t a full-on synth, there is plenty of scope for taking a factory patch and twisting it into something different. Many of v2’s additions are conducive to this, so the upgrade makes sense for existing users who want to get more out of the instrument.

For a huge bank of high-quality, ready-to-go synthetic tones for contemporary genres, it’s hard to beat Nexus2. Many of the sounds are instantly inspiring in themselves, and the slick interface and preset categorization help to keep that inspiration flowing. We can’t say that about every virtual instrument and the majority of them don’t sound as good as Nexus2.2. But we can say that it is the best software for making a standard sound. 

Features of ReFX Nexus version 2.2

Following are some of the feature of ReFX Nexus version 2.2

  • User can now mute layers and set their volume, panning, transpose and detune parameters in ReFX Nexus version 2.2
  • ReFX Nexus version 2.2 helps to apply two global effects, rather than just one.
  • chorus, flanger, phaser, ensemble, degrader, distortion, phaser, and, new for v2, a stereo enhancer and an analogue effects can be added
  • The stereo enhancer is handy and works on a given frequency range, but the analogue phaser is the real star.
  • in ReFX Nexus version 2.2  user can sort  their files by category or name
  • user can Name their favorite folders in ReFX Nexus version 2.2
  • Moreover user can search unlimited files ReFX Nexus version 2.2

ReFX Nexus version 2.2 System Requirements

Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8

RAM:                       4 GB

File Name:              ReFX Nexus version 2.2

Hard Disk:              32 GB

Developers:            ReFX

ReFX Nexus version 2.2 download

Click on the link below to download ReFX Nexus version 2.2. This is an offline one click installer of which is compatible with all latest operating system.

ReFX Nexus 2.2

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