Software Engineering scope in 2020

Software Engineering scope in 2020.

You must have listened to the word “ENGINEERING”, many times in your life. It’s the branch of science and technology concern with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

There are many fields of engineering, for example, civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechanical engineering, Software engineering, and so on. Being specific let’s talk about software engineering. Now the basic question what is software engineering??


Software engineering is the process of analyzing user needs and designing, constructing, and testing end-user applications that will satisfy the needs through the programming languages. The software engineers do the programming which is then implemented in electronic devices such as computers, laptops mobiles, etc.

Now a day’s software engineering had firmly footed its feet that there are other sub-disciplines too for example graphics, web applications, android development, application software, online systems, Gaming, etc.

We all are actually embraced with the software, just have a look around yourself, Starting from a Mobile in your hand you can do thousands of thing with a single device communication far miles is now possible by only dialing numbers, computers at your homes, offices recording each data you give solving difficulties of finding a person from a list of millions in only search options, getting exactly what you needed by only having Google search

Moreover, the electronic media is growing day by day by the apps designed by software engineers, Your information of history, discussions of present, and predictions of the future all are possible only by the applications of software engineering. Today every other person a child, a youngster, or even aged are being facilitated by mobile apps, Gaming, GPS tracking management, Google search, and many more advantages.

In ¬†¬†Conclusion, in today’s era, no one can’t think about living without the applications of software engineering.

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