SOLVED: Fix The Disable Touch Screen Problem Of iOS

Fix The Disable Touch Screen Problem Of iOS

iOS users, at large scale, are facing continuously such problems which can’t be fixed with mobile operating system updates. Particularly some problems are discovered and claimed by large number of users, for example poor battery time, disabled touch screen and slow wireless charging etc.

In this article, we’ll address one of the biggest and most claimed problem “disabled touch screen”. We’ll also give the solution to fix this problem and speed up your phone.

Is your iPhone Touch Screen Not Working?

how to Fix The Disable Touch Screen Problem Of iOS, Sometimes it happens that iPhone screen leaves the touch functions due to some reasons. You’ll touch the screen repeatedly, sometimes will touch to an icon, sometimes swipe and sometimes hold, but you get no response. This non-working of touch screen is not delicate.

If you have same problem with your iPhone due to any reason (and you are unaware from the reason of the fault), then follow the following steps to restore your iPhone touch screen in working position.

  1. Clean Up your Screen and Fingers

The first remedy to restore the touch of your iPhone screen is clean up iPhone screen and your hands or fingers.

If you have placed third party screen protector on your iPhone screen, remove it and clean up screen with a tissue paper or a soft cloth.

Let your iPhone screen a look of sun light directly and tilt it. This will remove all any liquid, oil, residues, piece of food, dried crust or gunk, which is interfering in the screen functions.

Fix The Disable Touch Screen Problem Of iOS


It is also observed that in sunny weather, sunscreen makes the iPhone screen unresponsive and dysfunctional. So ensure that screen is clean. Now wipe down the phone screen and rub a cotton cloth or hard tissue paper (dry tissue paper) on the screen.

The touch isn’t working still, wash your hands with soap and dry them with towel. Remember wet fingers may cause issues in touch function. If you have any injury on your finger, then don’t use that wounded finger. Similarly if you’ve covered your hands with globs; remove them and give a touch to screen. I hope iPhone screen touch with start working after implementing the remedy.

  1. Delete / Update / Re-Install Problematic App

Sometimes it happens that touch screen becomes unresponsive and non-function on opening a particular app. In this scenario, touch in overall is right and ok, but not working only to the extent of that app.

For Fix The Disable Touch Screen Problem Of iOS, When you open that app, and simply return back to home screen by pressing home button / icon, without properly shutting or closing that app, in this situation, the touch screen will not work or becomes non-functional as that particular app is still open in background.

Fix The Disable Touch Screen Problem Of iOS

To fix this problem, visit the App Store and see if updates are available for that particular app, install those updates.

If problem is still coming after updating the app, delete the app and reinstall that particular app. Generally reinstallation process clears all the technical issues and speed up your phone. However, even then, iPhone touch screen isn’t working, it means that particular app have bugs which needs to be addressed / redressed.

  1. Free Up iOS Storage / Memory

When an iPhone storage / memory becomes full, it can also cause many problems including slowing the performance of iPhone including unresponsive touch screen.

You can check the iPhone storage in setting < General < Storage and Use < Manage storage.

It also has noticed that this problem is mostly coming in latest and modern version of iOS including iOS 11 and iOS 11.3.

Fix The Disable Touch Screen Problem Of iOS

When storage of your iPhone fill up with zero bytes, and then you open the apps based on caching like Facebook, Twitter, Shopify and Gmail, in this situation, when app caches build up, the touch screen becomes non-functional for a short span of time. Usually when it happens, the iOS users hold the home button and return back to home screen without properly shutting those apps. The apps remain open in background. That’s why touch of the screen becomes unresponsive.

In this scenario, you can restore / bring back the touch function by completing the software cache clearing mechanism. You can also delete / remove all the unused apps and data from your iPhone to recuperate some storage.

  1. Perform a Hard Reboot

Usually, when any issue raises in Phone, the restarting process fix all the technical issues/ bugs without any hard reboot. Simply restart of a phone fixes all the common problems including touch screen.

If, on simple restart, touch screen isn’t working or any other problem not fixed, do a hard reboot. Hard reboot is also an easy and simple process.

Fix The Disable Touch Screen Problem Of iOS


To restart iPhone 6 and previous series, hold the Home button & Power button jointly / collectively until you see Apple logo on screen.

To restart iPhone 7 and afterward series, hold down Volume button and Power button collectively until you see Apple Logo.

  1. iPhone Touch Screen Cracked? Damaged? iPhone Dropped?

For Fix The Disable Touch Screen Problem Of iOS, If iPhone touch screen has cracked or damaged due to dropping of iPhone or because of any other reason, in this situation, the screen touch leaves the function and becomes unresponsive.

iPhone Touch Screen Cracked

If iPhone touch screen becomes unresponsive due to cracking or damaging, then the above mentioned 4 tips and tricks will not work. Because you didn’t know either only screen damaged or the entire phone has also damaged.

In this scenario, take your iPhone to an authorized Apple dealer and repairing center. You can also visit the Store Apple test out entire iPhone to Apple Doctor. You can also contact to a professional iPhone Helper.

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