Super Mario 63 Download Free Updated 2018

Overview – Super Mario 63 Game

Super Mario 63 game is a fan-made flash game marvelous by Nintendo’s Super Mario 64. The super Mario 63 is designed to mingle all popular Mario platformers, namely Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and New Super Mario Bros. This game provides many features and levels. After completing one level you can reach the next level. The level needs its completion before going ahead. Its full version was provided in 2009. When you have Super Mario 63 download, you will see the game has upgraded several times. Its upgrade includes a highly modifying Level Designer. You can also share codes with others. You have to accumulate three different Power-ups, 4 dissimilar power-caps, 64 Shine Sprites & 64 Star Coins.

Super Mario 63 game provides storylines that show how Mario saved Princess Peach and her castle. The good characters of the game are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toad, and Peach. The evil characters of the game are Bowser, Kamek, Goomba, Koopa, Bob-bombs, Bullies and Big Bullies, Shy-Guys, Goonies, and Skelegoonies, Penguins, and Thwomps.

There are three hazards in the game,

  • Bottomless pits
  • Lava
  • Flame Towers.

If you fall in Bottomless pits then you will arrive at the lower section of course. If you fall into Lava then you will leave three powers. In Supermario63, the metal cap and invincibility cap help you pass through fire and lava without difficulty. While you don’t bear harm with the help of an invisibility cap. If you fall in Flame Towers you will lose two powers.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad lived in the Mushroom Kingdom. There is a staircase at the top of Peach’s Castle through which Mario can directly reach into Bowser’s Castle. With Super Mario 63 download, you will notice to access the painting, press the Up button by standing under the painting. There are 7 regular courses. Each course has 5 Shine Sprites and 6 Star Coins, and there are three mini-courses. In these courses, each has three Shine Sprites and three Star Coins. In the hidden places, you find one Shine Sprite. Sometimes you also gain one Star Coin.

How to play? – Super Mario 63 Game

Super Mario 63 download is very easy to play. You can play the game on Android, Mac, Windows. The arrow keys on the screen help to play the Super Mario 63 game. The control sign ‘Up’ is for jump and ‘Down’ is used for dropdown. Left and Right arrow keys are used to walk left or right. For the double jump, the ground is touched two times and for the triple jump, it is touched three times. It helps to jump Mario at hight. For playing on Keyboard, X is used for the Spin attack. Z is used for Talk/Ground Pound. If you have any trouble with Z key then you can also use ALT + SHIFT to switch to the American layout. The Shift key is used to Switch Fludds. P is used to Pause Super Mario 63 game. ‘+’ and ‘-‘ sign is used for zoom in and zoom out.

Controls – Super Mario 63 Game

The Super Mario 63 game provides features to control the functioning of character. Super Mario 63 game provides 2D mode. It is basically the combination of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. The game also provides sound and its sound change when you change your character from Mario to Luigi. Shine Sprite is the item which helps to mark goal in the level. In order to unlock the Star Room, Star Coins are collected in levels. You can also play as Luigi after unlocking the level designer door for 32 Star Coins. In the level, there are eight Red Coins, and collecting all of them will light up a Shine Sprite. You can also save your progress in the text file.

How to download? – Super Mario 63 Game

To download Super Mario 63 game, you must have the Flash Player Projector for your platform. You can have Super Mario 63 download by clicking on the link below.

Download Super Mario 63 Free
Download Super Mario 63 Free


Final Verdicts

I recommend this game to all SuperMario 63 fans and to those who love platformers in general. This game is very easy to use and If you like this game, you can also share it with your friends and family. If you have not yet played this game then you must install this game and play.

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