Top Messaging Services with An Encrypted Chats Option

Text messaging has existed since the dawn of the smartphone and sparked its own unique language. But it’s high time to heave SMS messaging out a skip.

If you use an iPhone, you are already on your way. IMessage is a universal chat system reliant on 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi for exchanging media files, voice and text messages between Apple devices. This data-based messenger is extremely popular, but what about Android devices and other computers?

That’s where a wide range of messaging services with encrypted chats feature have plugged that spot.

Top Messaging Services with An Encrypted Chats Option
Top Messaging Services with An Encrypted Chats Option

Applications like Wickr, Telegram, and Signal, are also data-based and available on both Android and macOS platforms. The beauty of these tools is that they use end-to-end encryption thanks to which all your voice and text messages, images or videos are encrypted. This makes it near-impossible for anyone (be it government agents or semi-skilled hackers) — the app developer is not exempt — to read or overhear your conversations.

Encrypted Chats: The Safest Way of Communication

As I’ve mentioned above, end-to-end encryption means that your messages can’t be grabbed or read by third parties. How does it work? You pick a complex secret password, then share it with the individuals who you would like to communicate – for example, via phone, but for paranoids obsessed about security, you could meet them face-to-face. Psst, don’t forget to burn out your phone in a transfer a secret code 🕵️‍♂️

As a result, your conversations are unviewable to the app maker, government, big corporations, and other data collectors.

Encrypted Messaging Service: What Is the Best?

There are several reasons why I pick a messenger with the encrypted chats option.

First off, the short messaging service (so-called SMS) is archaic and expensive. Second, mobile carriers don’t obsess about encryption, so your personal data can be stolen and viewed by anyone. Third, SMS messages leak metadata such as the phone number of participants in a conversation.

In all these cases, secure and private chat apps are a perfect solution for you.

Utopia – All-in-one Kit


Whether you like it or not, the epoch of mass surveillance has already arrived. But against all odds, Utopia is one of the few innovations that keep your security, eliminating risks for tracking users.

Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem with a variety of tools – the messenger, email service, eWallet, and web browser.

Along with strong and state-on-the-art encryption, Utopia could boast of the fact that it doesn’t save conversations history or keep personal information on its servers. The rich-features platform leaves no traces on the Web.

As for messenger itself, Utopia offers a classical set of options such as text and voice messages, emojis, unique sticker parks, media files sharing and storage, secret chats, etc.


  • Decentralized p2p ecosystem. It makes the whole service more trustworthy.
  • Ease of use. Unburned by unnecessary design elements, clean and cute interface.
  • Media sharing and storage. Static content, media clips, GIFs, geolocation, and documents.

Top con:

  • No app for mobile phones.The system is still under development.

What I love ❤️? The idea of an ecosystem where all data is owned by persons who created it, privacy is defended, freedom is a given, and modern technology will enable trustless money transactions around the world.

Signal – Edward Snowden’s Favorite

Signal - Edward Snowden’s Favorite
Signal – Edward Snowden’s Favorite

This service is recommended by security experts from around the world. It is interesting that even the creators do not have access to the data of conversations in the Signal network. Therefore, here you can safely write whatever you want. Be sure only you and your interlocutor will know about the content of the chat.

All messages are stored directly on the mobile device and encrypted by default. The security of the data protocols is confirmed by professionals.

You can also make free encrypted calls worldwide, create secret groups and exchange media files, to defend against total surveillance.


  • Encrypted voice calling. Unlike other messengers, Signal provides not only scrambled text messaging but live scrambled voice calling.
  • Extra care for privacy. By using an amalgamation of the Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman (X3DH) key agreement protocol, Double Ratchet algorithm, AES-256, and Sesame for managing cross-platform encryption, you keep your messages safe every time.
  • Media file sharing. Signal supports images, contacts, audio files exchanging.

Top con:

  • Requires a phone number to sign up. Needs access to your phone number and contacts to utilize. No anonymity.

What I love ❤️? Signal is supported by community donations and grants. It’s worth noting that the platform is free from ads, and there is no need to pay to use the messenger.

Threema – Swiss Privacy

Threema - Swiss Privacy
Threema – Swiss Privacy

This is a Swiss program that is designed for real paranoid.

You don’t need to specify your phone number or mailing address to use Threema. The program gives each user a unique code. Based on this code, an individual key pair is generated, which is used to encrypt and decrypt messages.

Threema is second to none in functionality. You can send text messages, photos, and short videos. There are group chats with several contacts.


  • Registration without phone number or email address. Every user receives random generated IDs.
  • Encrypted communication. Threema provides users complete end-to-end encryption.
  • Group chat polls.Using Threema, your possibilities are endless: you can send media messages (including pictures, videos, and voice messages) or create polls.

Top cons:

  • Closed source. Hmmm, I can’t trust them.
  • Single device. You can’t multiple devices for exchanging text and voice messages.

What I love ❤️? The messenger comes in two options – free for ordinary users and paid for corporations.

Final Thought

Improved and state-on-the-art encryption is a sign of a software’s quality, privacy that we were given at birth is a sign of respect to the client. And if we lose privacy and security, this can influence our life, our social boundaries, trust, and freedom.

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