Urdu Inpage 2009 Free Download for PC

Urdu Inpage 2009 is the appealing software that not only lets you type in Urdu but allow you the transcript in Persia and Pashto along other languages is very easy with it.

For your information, its 1 version came into being in 1994 but due to the demand of the time, its updates keep going on. Thus result from the Inpage 2000/2003/2009.

Fairly it is good in compatibility with Windows OS.

So, to type Urdu effortlessly with it is really great with it.

Urdu Inpage 2009 Free Download

Now Urdu Inpage 2009 frees download is available for you on Pcsoftbox showing significant details of this app.

Its program information involves:

RAM: 13.99

Windows: Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP

(All with 32-64 bits)

License: Commercial Trial

Author: InPage, Inc.

Indeed the purpose of Urdu Inpage is to have text for third-party software either Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw or any other software that you like.

Well, it facilitates you for Urdu writing for the medium party (software) of your choice.

Urdu Inpage 2009 Features

  • Can export files of newest version to old one.
  • Export & Import of the files occurs only between 2.4 and 3.6 editions.
  • For export, it does not work for image and table.
  • With modern Naskh Fonts.
  • 100% ligature foundation font new in its Balochi version 3.60.
  • With Auto Kerning for Nastaliq font.
  • For Mac user is the InPage Professional 3.60.
  • Capable of the Quranic text in QPS Version 3.60
  • Can generate calligraphy outlook with the new style.
  • Naskh Fonts greater than 60.
  • In addition, has Muhammadi Quranic font.
  • Can export its Urdu text in RTF format.
  • Save as HTML directly.
  • Put aside as PDF with Mirror.
  • Export entire Text in the form of Curves.
  • Pictures Copy or paste or insert or import straightforwardly take place.
  • Have output option along embed or collect.
  • You may add the footnote of your choice.
  • With efficient Checker for Urdu spelling.
  • Allow complete color separation.
  • With multilingual Unicode Open Type Fonts.
  • User-friendly Keyboard.
  • Contain addition symbols.
  • Import image can be viewed.
  • Best and quick in Nastaliq & Naskh.
  • Companionable with Windows KP or 7 or 8.
  • Friendly with Windows Server

Urdu Inpage 2009 Free Download for PC

As Inpage is the Word program whiles it supports the multi dialects successfully.

The inpage main focus is to use the hanging calligraphy of Arabic for Urdu dialect.

However, this program since 1994 is doing well to make the Urdu dialect more attractive and impressive.

Being based on what-you-see- is –what- you –get the greatest range of the audience is using it. Almost 20,000 or more likes it to be used. Well-done!

Download Corel Draw Graphics Suite X8

More its enhanced quality transcript is very clear. Extra you may take the advantages of its crystal clear prints and screen.

Further, it is not only proficient in working but simple too.

Keep in mind Noori style of Nastaliq that Mirza Ahmed Jamil established in the coordination of others seems to be the Monotype Imaging but now it’s fully improved. Believe it!

Now, new techniques result in the Urdu Inpage in more refined form to ensure you the REAL SKILLS of Calligraphy.

For your ease, Urdu Inpage 2014 Professional Full Version Free Download is accessible through Inpage Downloads.

Luckily here is the series of Urdu InPage downloads each with special characteristics. You may have any of your choices according to your need.

Urdu Inpage 2009 Free Download

So, Urdu InPage 2009 proves to be the Superb platform for other Inpage downloads.

Download Inpage

Entirely it’s free!

All up to you! Below are links to download the Inpage.

Send your feedback freely!

Incase of any problem you are free to report on Inpage site.

Inpage Free Download 2009

Urdu Inpage 2009 Free Download For Windows XP/7/8/10

Inpage Free Download 2009

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