which is best Wordpress vs Blogger.

What is Best WordPress or blog for Begginner to Start.


Hello  Newbie I am here to solve you confusion. The question which many new blogger asking what is best wordpress or Blogger? it depend on you experience, budget your keen in the career of Blogging you are starting now. First of all you will be Happy to Know that there is no need of Coding for both wordpress and blogger. which is make easy for newbie. Lets explain one by one so you can understand better. You can understand function separately.


WordPress Plateform:

I will Go in a Details alittle so may not bored .Wordpress is a CMS ( Content Management System) which was created to manage content. It is work on Plugin Base. Now the question Rise what is plugin? Consider Plugin is tiny software or app which is used for Specific function. For example you want to “table of content” in your articles. For this you will have to install Plugin called Table of content. There hundreds of Plugin and Hundreds of Plugin is created on monthly base. You don’t Need to code Hundreds of Plugin is available for everything you want from SEO to social media Plugins are avail. There are Hundreds of Themes available in the wordpress theme store if you want to start affiliate there are theme if want to start for information there are a lot of Themes which can change your whole website layout on one clicks .

If you have design in mind  to create by own you can do it easily without coding. Elementer and Devi like Plugin is available just Drag and Drop concept.


What we Need to create wordpress Website?

We need Two things to create a website in wordpress one is web hosting where our file will be save and wordpress will be install on it.

Other thing which is also need for blogger called Domain .what is Domain ? In simply The name of your website is called  Domain. Both hosting and Domain you will buy . Domain is cheaper Then hosting . Hosting is alittle expensive for Newbie.  Domain may charge 5$ Dollars per  year and Hosting may charge 30$   dollars per year from Namecheap company.


Blogger Plateform:

Lets Discuss about blogger. Blogger is Google Platform which give you access to create attractive Blog. There may be misconception about Blogger that we can’t earn from Blogging but it is totally wrong . many People earn thousands of Dollars from Blogging. Blogger is google plateform which is improve time to time and bring advancement.


What we Need to Create Blogger blog.

You just need a Domain name to create it beautifull website on blogger.There is no need of Hosting while you using Blogger and I think is Great advantage for Newbie who take a step in the Blogging. it is cheaper then wordpress as we compare. So If you are newbie and don’t have money invest you should go to for blogger. you just need a domain which is not that much expensive but from beginning you can start from Blogspot Domain is required Nothing .



Final Decision Blogger or WordPress ?

Up to 80% websites are running on wordpress which is biggest CMS system. Most Blogger prefer wordpress because it is easy and deep customizable. You can create any type website in wordpress. But if you are Newbie and can’t afford wordpress you can go to Blogger there is no worry you can change any time to wordpress or from wordpress to Blogger. I personally started from Blogger.


Conclusion : if you can’t afford wordpress which is bit expensive I will suggest to take start from blogger but buy custom domain if you can afford and want career in blogging take start from wordpress.

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