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If you want to know the first-time dad’s responsibility then whos your daddy free seems to more than a game for you.

whos your daddy online interesting game to entertain you while inexperienced father tries to put a stop to his son ( infant)  from sure death.

So, have fun in the more different way!

Since whos your daddy game is about the player who runs to save his child from harm until the mother arrives at home. In the absence of mom-baby continuously gives bit hard time to the father (player). The baby does the tasks that are so risky that may cause death even in whos your daddy dantdm.

In whos your daddy download player being the father tries his level best to save the kid from all the dangers.

Who’s your daddy Review        

As whos your daddy online comprises of multiplayer experience it let you play as the caretaker (father) and other players as the Baby. The mission of the baby is to play with risk but father‘s goal is to keep baby safe. Despite whos your daddy dantdm have simple controls.

For players in whos your daddy game to move around and carry out the goal this allows you simple and fast ways. Like players use left & right buttons along WASD keys for movements.

whos your daddy

Player being the daddy needs more power-ups to move the objects and saves the baby. However, the house is not child proof in whos your daddy download.

Player being the baby moves about either baby involves the risks like bleach & batteries or smash of the glass table or the hit of the car to garage wall father will save him from all. Even father may feed the baby to heal from all the injuries.

The most interesting thing about whos your daddy free is that father and baby both player take the turn in it throughout the rounds. Lovely!

Nothing is difficult to the dad as he may gain powers in a different way. Yet he may “power-ups” like “Bat-Dad”.

Frankly, whos your daddy download, is devoid of the good graphics. Moreover, the object’s texture, as well as the ratio of the character, is not managed in the precise and professional way. Also, the animation is “jumpy”.

In brief, it is quite interesting and funny. On the other side for your ease, whos your daddy online is portable too.

Good in whos your daddy free is that it’s not risky to try. You may play and enjoy it easily. Only the thing you need is your interest that keeps you go on to get down deep in the home both as caretaker or troublemaker.

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The choice is yours! Either you prove to be the ONE as GOOD daddy or NAUGHTY baby.  Only your powers and tactics can prove that whos your daddy dantdm.

Who’s your daddy Key Features

  • Home to keep eye on your son
  • Allow you the movement of little objects
  • Play pleasant composition on baby’s piano
  • With 2 unique characters
  • Power-ups for chores
  • Adaptive to PC, Mac, Linux, Steam OS

Who’s your daddy system Requirements

Its minimum system requirements involve:

  • Windows XP 64
  • Processor 2GHz
  • RAM 4GB
  • Direct X Version 9.0c
  • Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage 1 GB available space

Who’s your daddy Free Download

To have real fun in leisure go for the free download of whos your daddy game. Usually, this marvelous game will delight you in the more original way. Really!

Who's your daddy

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