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Word Reader AppAre you in search of an app which is best for reading documents and files on your Android? An app which has less file size and does not take too much space in your device, or you want to quickly open Docx files from your email, the web or other resources. If you ever wanted to share your files easily through different apps such as Shareit, Gmail, etc. You will find the best solution for all of your problems and that is the Word Reader App.

This app is a smart docx viewer which provides HD quality word reader, and you can easily view your data that is supported by this app. You can see all the images, tables, lots of font styles, bullets and much more from every docx file in your mobile or tablet. Do not take this Word Reader App easy, it can do lots of things.

This app allows you to read files from your internal storage, external storage, Dropbox, emails, and web page without any difficulty. You don’t have to open the app for reading every single file; in fact, you can set this app as your default docx reader and can open files directly from the file manager, email, Dropbox, or web.

Word Reader App is the most reliable and convenient tool for everyone to read the word files. You cannot only read the docx or word files but you can also read pdf files. Not only you can read but you can also convert word files into pdf files.

In the latest versions of this app, you would be able to convert all your files to PDF and from PDF to other formats such as word, docx editor or more formats. You would also see more supported file types, word reader with editable options; support for password protected or corrupted docx files and lots of things for free. This is not only a reader, but it is the best reader as compared to others, because it takes less space and is entirely free.

You must have seen other branded applications but this one is just amazing. It does not use your device memory and works very fast. Word Reader App has a built-in document manager which directly accesses your files and makes it easy for you. 

You can take this little reader app with you every time, so that you don’t miss your important files and read them anywhere.  You can read PDFs and e-books during your traveling or at the bedtime. Work with everyone, everywhere with the Word Reader App.

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