Yandere Simulator download

 yandere simulator- the interesting video game which is action type but about the crush of the high school student ( Yandere-chan)

However, in yandere simulator download free game player like you plays the role of Yandere-chan. Yet to remove all the hurdles in your quest is not hard for you as the player. As your heart with the crush will strength you enough to beat any task.

So, to go with such game might be fascinating!

Will you go for it to be the winner?

Yandere simulator download Review

Be sure yandere simulator free download is with unique qualities to have fun. So far your interest is alive being in love you may play with high spirit. Right?

Either you want to compete in your love or you love to win this with its unique tools let you avail all. For this purpose, you need to play just with the psyche that can win your classmate heart through Student Reputation. If you win this good repute your classmate will help you in your difficulty.

Interesting point of yandere simulator free download is that your harsh actions not only influence your surrounding but your sanity level also. As you do more violence you will lose more sanity. Gradually with the lowering of sanity, your game goes to be harder.

yandere simulator free download

So, be careful in your actions!

Even to win the game is not impossible. You may be the WINNER through rival expulsion or rival death. For this target, you have to break the school rules in the game. Also, you need to frame them. Even you need to encourage the counselor to expel them.

If you kill the rival you may win the game. More you may kill them either with poison or stabbing or pushing down from the building. You may use other ways too but be careful and fast enough that nobody can catch you.

Well, you may play yandere simulator free download on Windows & Mac.

All in all, yandere simulator download free is UNIQUE action video game to expel out your emotions in a different way.

Yandere simulator download Key Features

  • For the progress, you need student reputation for your help.
  • Have Sanity level
  • With Yender vision to see the things on the wall.
  • Can win through the expulsion of the rival.
  • MayVictory with the death of the rival.

Yandere simulator download System Requirements

  • Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 or 8, or 7 or Vista or XP

Yandere simulator download  Free Download

To have fun with yandere simulator download free here is the link to click.

yandere simulator free download

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